2Konnect Library

The 2Konnect University Library is a resource of information.

Ranging from information about your 2Konnect Membership to MLM Opportunity specific information.

The Library will empower you with information so that you can better build your 2Konnect downline and your income!

Leadership Programs

Located in this section of the 2Konnect University Library will be a list of resources and materials that our Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) have put together. Each Presidential Leadership Council Member will have their own section for documents, videos, Google Hangout's, and conference call recordings.

Founders Club

The 2Konnect Founders Club gives recognition to those who caught the "Vision" of 2Konnect early on and joined us in the quest to make a difference in the MLM Industry. There are only 16,000 Founding Club Member Positions available in the 2Konnect Community. If you are one of them, we congratulate you!

MLM Opportunities

The MLM Company Section provides specific content related to each MLM Company. Information will be provided by the MLM Companies and will be updated as appropriate. As 2Konnect partners with additional MLM Companies and Opportunities, they will be added to this section of the 2Konnect University Library.

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