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(1) Copy of 2Konnect End User Software License Agreement is available in the 2Konnect University Library.


PENDING MEMBER: Someone who been brought into "visit" with the 2Konnect Community through the marketing efforts of 2Konnect downline/upline builder - This person may/may not remain in your matrix. This person also may/may not end up being personally assigned you to if they upgrade to a paying citizen. These individuals are not to be personally contacted except by corporate 2Konnect.

PERSONALLY SPONSORED VISITOR: Someone who has registered through your personal website.

PERSONALLY SPONSORED MEMBER: Someone who has registered on your personal website and joined 2Konnect as a Citizen.

PROFESSIONAL MARKETING REPS: Will contact, present, followup and close your leads into your downline.

DOWNLINE BUILDER: Part of the 2Konnect Marketing Machine that builds the Community from the top down.

UPLINE BUILDER: Part of the 2Konnect Marketing Machine that builds the Community from the bottom up.

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